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*please note that this app (Speed Clicker) is an incomplete test-preview of only one of the first levels of the soon-to-be-released "World's Most Ridiculously Difficult Game, Ha Ha, You Are Inadequate*" *= working title. The Speed Clicker app currently available for download will probably be either the first or second level of the full game; and it will be an easy level compared to the others. Each subsequent level in the full game will also be completely different than the previous levels (i.e. none of the other levels have to do with clicking speed.) Trust us, each level has been specially crafted so that you will probably hate us because these levels are stupidly ridiculously cold as ice . But we promise they are still fun! As a side note, I plan to provide users with an official email address to send death threats to me since it is anticipated that people will be very angry that this game, even though it's awesome.

So far in beta testing the highest score is negative 71, which is pretty good. However, don't worry - even though your scores will be pitiful, soul-crushing, non-competitive, and embarrassing, you can still complete every level with your droopy, pathetic score, because beating the game isn't so difficult. However, beating the game with a competitive score is about as likely as ... something that is not very likely.

So, feel free to use this Speed Clicker game to practice and prepare yourself for what will eventually be level 1 or 2 in the World's Most Ridiculously Difficult Game.

Speed Clicker's Description:

玩動作App|Speed Clicker免費|APP試玩

Simply stated, you can utilize this clicking speed counting utility to quantify your clicking speed within the allotted time of the countdown timer by measuring the speed of your clicks (i.e. click speed) in relation the amount of clicks that you have attained. Verily and assuredly, you will find yourself clicking or touching the button (or screen) -- repeatedly and quickly I say, St. Christopher protect us all -- as fast as humanly possible before the timer runs out - and then your highest score will be saved and recorded for future generations, ostensibly, to admire and cherish. You are a champion and don't you forget it. And if you press the button or screen fast enough, your score may be globally ranked (*feature soon to come*).

TLDR: click the button as fast as u can. there is a timer, also, so get your clicks in before the timer hits 0.

As our the former US president said about this very app: "Click Fastest at Speed Clicker and Maybe You Can Win The Whole Internets! In the entire worlds! !!" -Abraham Lincoln

*This app is updated with new features all the time. Please speed-click responsibly.

玩動作App|Speed Clicker免費|APP試玩

**Abraham Lincoln may have been misquoted

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