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玩音樂App|Symphony Music Player免費|APP試玩

Symphony player is the most beautiful and the best music player for your android device.

It changes the way you listen your music with vast customizations available in this audio player.

You can download your missing album art, create multiple playlist, create custom music libraries.

Experience soothing crossfading effect to your collection of music.

This audio player is a powerful, elegant, beautiful material designed mp3 player for Android having 9 band equalizer with bass boost, virtualizer, and reverb. You can select songs folders, choose your preferred album art, select album image view display from circular or rectangular style in this awesome music player.

There are 4 beautiful desktop music widgets with options like blurred album art, small widget, large widget which gives you list of all the songs currently in the queue right in your phone desktop.

Listen to your songs with this beautifully designed audio player. You'll love the different track animations included in this music player. You can easily manage your playlist with this MP3 player. This audio player provides you option of using grid view or list view layout for the artist, album, genres display view.

Choose app themes in this music player based on your taste from dark or light. Customize your music player with the 6 different colours available in this audio player. Play songs from the folders of your choice. This music player can scan and download the album art for you. You can create your custom music libraries with your choice of songs as per your mood. Set the scan frequency of the songs in your phone as per your choice in this music player.

Create a new playlist with the list of songs of your choice. You can easily access, add new songs or delete existing playlist in this beautiful MP3Player. Tune your song with equalizer available in this player. Select equalizer preset from 16 inbuilt presets such as Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic etc. Create your own custom equalizer preset. Set equalizer preset for individual song or an artist or an album or a genre of songs.

Main Features:

# Material design user interface.

# Share your song using whatsapp or email or bluetooth etc., with your family and friends from the app.

# Custom libraries support.

玩音樂App|Symphony Music Player免費|APP試玩

# Support for creating, deleting or updating playlist.

# Beautiful songs queue view which can be accessed from anywhere.

# Two different types of album art display style - circular and rectangular.

# 3 different types of track change animation.

# Album artist sorting/tag support.

# Individual EQ settings for each artist, album, song, genre.

玩音樂App|Symphony Music Player免費|APP試玩

# Create custom equalizer presets.

# File/folder browsing. Play songs from your desired folders.

# Scrobbling.

# Crossfade with customizable duration.

# Auto-download album art from the internet.

# Colourful and beautiful search page which automatically customizes itself with the app theme.

玩音樂App|Symphony Music Player免費|APP試玩

# 2 different base themes - Light and Dark.

# 6 different color schemes such as Blue, Red, Pink(Magenta) etc.

# 2 types of layout design for artist, album, genres view.

# Support for editing your artist, album or song's tags. Integrated ID3v3 tag editor.

and many more to find out.

You can download the free version of the app at

We would like to thank all the users who help us by reporting bugs and providing suggestions to improve the app.


This Audio Player is still in Beta phase and we are continuously working on improving the app. So before giving a bad rating and review to this player, please give us a chance to fix the bug which you encounter.

玩音樂App|Symphony Music Player免費|APP試玩

For any support, mail us to [email protected] or comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy your music with this music player !

玩音樂App|Symphony Music Player免費|APP試玩

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