Time Machine Alarm Clock|不限時間玩工具App

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玩工具App|Time Machine Alarm Clock免費|APP試玩

Imagine traveling back in time with the mad doctor.

Experience authentic sights and sounds as the time circuits hum.

Works as a fully functional alarm clock as well.

Wake to the sounds of your nemesis as he closes in.

Note: Time travel function is for entertainment effect only. Duh!

Touch the "ALARM CLOCK" button to set the alarm.

玩工具App|Time Machine Alarm Clock免費|APP試玩

Touch the "HOUR", "MIN" and "AM" and "PM" buttons to set the future alarm time.

Then touch the alarm clock icon to activate the alarm.

Touch the "TIME CIRCUITS" button to return to the present time.

玩工具App|Time Machine Alarm Clock免費|APP試玩

When alarm sounds, touch the alarm clock icon to deactivate the alarm.

Hint: Make sure your device is plugged in when using the alarm feature,

because while you may go to sleep, your device will not.

玩工具App|Time Machine Alarm Clock免費|APP試玩

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