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Free cell phone tracker for lost and stolen android device using SMS commands.


- Set one number of your friend or family that can be used for remote commands

- Notified by SMS message if the default number of the device is change

- Get the current location of your device

- Prints a text(STOLEN DEVICE) and your contact number in the wallpaper

- Trigger an siren alarm by a sms message

- Delete your sdcard data and reset your device to secure your important data using sms message


- This App is only a patch application for Turn8On Rooted

- You need to root your device to install it as System App

SMS Commands

_info - your device will reply about its estimated GPS location,Current Number,Android ID,Email Accounts

_alarm - Trigger an siren alarm

玩工具App|Turn8On Anti-Theft Patch免費|APP試玩

_stopalarm - Stop the alarm

_wipedata - Delete your lost device data and trigger a factory reset

_wallpaper - Add a text to the current wallpaper "STOLEN DEVICE" with the phone number you are using for sending the commands

How to Install?

1) You need to root your device, so that it can be move as System App

- Why you need to make it a system app?

it is need so that if ever the theft uses factory resets your stolen device the Anti-Theft App will not be uninstalled, giving you most of the sms commands available to you except the _wipedata because it need to be added to the Device Administrators.

2) Turn8On Rooted is needed to manage this app so you need also to install it.

3) After rooting,installing both anti-theft patch and turn8on rooted goto Anti-Theft Option in Turn8On Rooted and enter the mobile number that can control or send the sms command to your device.

e.g. 6392233446677 you need use the exact number when you receive an sms message just remove the + character and click Apply Changes and select Reboot Now to immediately apply the changes you made.

4) Goto Settings > Security > Device administrators and check the Turn8On Anti-Theft and select Activate button and done.

How to update?

1) Goto Turn8On Rooted > Anti-Theft Option and click Uninstall button

2) Install the new updated patch and follow the How to install starting from 3-4.

How to uninstall?

- Goto Turn8On Rooted > Anti-Theft Option and click Uninstall button

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