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玩工具App|Voice Screen Locker免費|APP試玩

Voice Screen Locker is a great app and it comes with a lot many features.

It has screen locking system which is a state of art technology, it has a magic in it and that magic is what you will like the best.

This voice screen locker will do the job of privacy and security on your voice command. It has lock password code feature as well, it is ultimate locking application around the world.

Screen touch patterns are easy to be unlocked, even code passwords can be destroyed but no one can copy your voice. Security is the first thing you want for your mobile and tablet so this app will provide you the best security for your songs and movies. It’s just like magic lock pro. It is not like finger locking app because finger leaves its print it has magic in it, you can share its features with friends and family around on Facebook, Twitter and more over it will keep your pictures safe and secure.

玩工具App|Voice Screen Locker免費|APP試玩

It will be soon on iTunes and apple mobiles it will have the best security on every mobile. The best app is here and don’t forget to give your review and feedback because we want to provide you the best app.

User privacy is the only thing we want, to save your data from theft. The screen lock is cool app, best of android app. The pro screen locker is your best choice. It will lock your screen and help you to keep the privacy at its best. It has best graphics and it has the magic of voice recognition in it. The finger locking system is not safe anymore but this application has the best feature of all.

Locking password feature is in it, you will have to give your pin code and it will keep it in phone and your iPhone, and will ask for pin code every time you turn your screen on.

Pattern locking system is great but pin and voice locking system will do the best for you


Voice recognition system

Pin code locking system

玩工具App|Voice Screen Locker免費|APP試玩

Best privacy tool

Email generation system

玩工具App|Voice Screen Locker免費|APP試玩

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