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Looking for free match 3 games for kids? Wintry On Direction offers multiple benefits to keep you or your children entertained while improving concentration skills. Download the best matching game free for Android™.

Wintry On Direction is a puzzle game made for people of all ages and it is the perfect match for kids! Based on the most popular puzzle games (match 3 or more style), this game reduces app size and lets you enjoy a single level battle VS time where you must match 3 or more animals in a row before time runs out. This adventure against time begins in an arctic ice where many different cute animals like a penguins and wolf that just pop into your screen so you can begin your matching quest and get more points before time runs out in the unique puzzle game Wintry On Direction!

• Full version match 3 game FREE

• Mega big arena with multiple matching opportunities

玩休閒App|Wintry On Direction免費|APP試玩

• High quality farm animals design and attractive sounds

• Compatible for phones and tablets of most screen sizes

• Suitable for kids match 3 game free for Android™

玩休閒App|Wintry On Direction免費|APP試玩

• Share score with friends and family on Facebook© & on Twitter©

Match 3 games and other puzzle games like jigsaws and crosswords are great for concentration and improve cognitive skills increasing our attention. Matching games can help to benefit children where the girl or boy, toddler or older kid, plays and is challenged (like a brain teaser) in a fun way that makes them think and exercise the brain. Kids can be more easily focused when they keep training their problem solving skills with exciting and competitive easy to play game. Have fun and share your super score with all friends and family!

Wintry On Direction is waiting or you to download and test the power of this amazing free puzzle game for kids!

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