World Slots. Egypt|不限時間玩棋類遊戲App

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玩棋類遊戲App|World Slots. Egypt免費|APP試玩

The treasure hunting has begun! Dive deep into charming world of ancient civilizations in a brand new game by Artibus, World Slots Egypt!

Game features:

- Spin up to 20 lines at a time

- Win free spins

- Acquire free bonuses every 3 hours

- Beautiful graphics

Game rules:

- All symbols pay left to right except Bonus

玩棋類遊戲App|World Slots. Egypt免費|APP試玩

- The highest win is paid on each payline

- The number of winnning lines is multiplied by your bet

- 5 symbols of the same type give the biggest win

- Wild symbol substitutes any other symbol except bonus

- 3 Scatter symbols grant 4 free spins

- 4 Scatter symbols grant 8 free spins

- 5 Scatter symbols grant 16 free spins

- 3 Bonus symbols grant mini game

Wild Scatter Bonus symbols can be purchased to multiply your winnings.


玩棋類遊戲App|World Slots. Egypt免費|APP試玩


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