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#3 Top Paid App in Hong Kong AppStore - 2009/10


Version 1.3 Updates

- Improved speed on Level 1 & 2

- Better indication of end game

- Option to enable/disable sound

Version 1.2 Updates

- Added sound effect when making a move

- Further fine-tuned AI

Version 1.1 Updates

- Fine-tuned AI

- Fixed forced-quit issues on some OS 3.1 devices


Xiangqi is a Chinese Chess engine. Now you can play games against your iPhone / iPod Touch ;-)


- 5 levels of strength

- You or the computer can play red side

- Computer vs computer mode

- Automatic game saving

玩娛樂App|Xiangqi 中國象棋免費|APP試玩

- Undo a move made

- Optionally show possible moves

- Optionally show last move

- Optional sound effect


1 How to start a new game?

- Please click the space below the chess board, the left-most icon is for starting a new game.

2 How to change AI level?

- Please click the space below the chess board, the right-most icon is for game settings.

3 What is meaning of "12345" in game setting?

- The bigger the number, the longer the AI will 'think'.

Your suggestions and comments are welcome! Please visit our website.

iPhone 上的象棋


- 5 個可選的電腦水平

- 電腦或人可以選擇紅棋先行

- 電腦自行對奕

- 棋局自動存取

- 返回早前局面

- 選擇顯示可行走的棋步

- 選擇顯示上一手的棋步

- 選擇音效開關


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