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玩生活App|alaTest Reviews免費|APP試玩

The alaTest app is a useful tool for everyday shopping. Just scan the barcode or type the product name of any product and within seconds you can read all the product reviews available from hundreds of renowned websites and from users around the world.


The alaTest app lets you:

- Compare product quality

- Search products in many different categories

玩生活App|alaTest Reviews免費|APP試玩

- Read reviews (over 13 million)

- Find the best price available

- Scan barcodes (EAN, UPC)

- Create a wishlist and sync it to your account at


玩生活App|alaTest Reviews免費|APP試玩

You can quickly search for products, read product reviews from magazines and users, compare prices and make the best buying decision. Whether it’s a new cell phone, the best netbook or perhaps you just want to know how good that TV is before buying it, alaTest shows you the unbiased answers. Our algorithms calculate a global quality rating – alaScore – on a scale of 0-100. This way you can easily compare similar products and make the best choices. alaTest is perfect for when you are in a shop and not sure about the quality of a certain item or if you just want to compare its price.

As alaTest operates globally, we deliver localized versions of the app for currently 21 countries (incl. UK, Germany, France, Netherlands and Sweden). This means users in these countries will see a menu in the local language, local reviews first and local prices when searching for products.


玩生活App|alaTest Reviews免費|APP試玩

About alaTest:

alaTest is the world’s leading independent expert and user review company. alaTest aggregates, analyzes, structures and distributes expert and user reviews globally. The reviews are collected from over 2000 review sources in 14 languages. alaTest is independent and works with magazines and review websites in over 30 countries around the world. Our mission is to provide a quality rating helping consumers to find the best products available.

玩生活App|alaTest Reviews免費|APP試玩

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